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Taquan’s Self Portrait

For my self portrait I decided to make my self abstract while still describing who I am as a person. The reason for choosing the music note to be the vocal point for my abstraction is due to the fact that I consider music as something that has always been apart of me and helps me keep a positive outlook towards life. My facial expression that I decided to use for my self portrait tells of my toughness to overcome anything that gets thrown at me, as well as the fact that my environment makes me tough and shaped me that way. Hence the reflection in my eye which depicts a brick wall with grafitti that is a distorted word that says caution. I decided to go with grafitti because it is usually related to the city and thats the environment in which I grew up in. My use of color within the word caution I decided to use so as to contrast with the charcoal and bring the vocal point of the piece to my eyes. For my background I decided to use a color gradient that would compliment the music notes. The depth within my self portrait alone I believe I captured it greatly by showing differentiation between clothing and my actual skin. As well as showing depth from different shades around my face to bring my dimensionality towards my piece and not having it flat. Lastly my background I decided to keep it white due to the contrast of the colorful music notes with a white background as oppose to a darker background. I believe keeping it white strengthened my piece and gave it a clean satisfying look.

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Final Chair(3d-Design)

I decided to design my chair in a tree like fashion due to the fact that I wanted to come up with a creative idea on making the base of the chair, and tree trunks were considered as a very strong foundation. I decided to use organic colors for my tree chair so as not to be a color deterrent towards the natural colors that I have. The inside of my tree trunk is a wired armature stuffed with newsprint paper and glued with bark to give the organic color for my piece. The variation of texture within my chair brings the varied materials that I used for my chair. I wanted the chair to bring those who interact with it closer to nature in both color and texture.

As an artist the difficulties that I was plagued with was making sure my chair was stable due to the heaviness of the bark that weighed down the back portion of my chair. Balance of my chair was my biggest concern. Considering that this was my first time using three types of materials to create something I had to go through a lot of changes so as to ensure that creativity, and the strong foundation would not compromise my chair. This project taught me that as an artist patience is key when working with new materials.

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Comic Panels

In my piece I decided to find a way to bring flow within my comic strip without the use of borders. I decided to use alot of symbolism within my piece so as to tell a long story and confine it to five panels. In order to depict the clothing on some characters I decided to change my line weight so as to give more dimensions towards the clothing. This project forced me to take into considerations the culture that I was doing and use it to influence how I did my comic. This helped me as an artist to not just create from my own perspective, but it allows me to practice on using the knowledge that I gained from a culture to guide my artistic endeavors. I believe that this is of benefit towards the program because it allows us as developing artist to not just create an image from a specific time, but to indulge in the culture and use that to influence our piece.

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Journal Update

As I continue my creative process with my creative story by adding in elements to tell my creation story I am beginning to enter the stages of adding color to my characters.

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Skeleton Project

For this skeleton project I decided to aim for realism within my piece. In order to achieve the realism that I wanted, I would have to utilize shading within both the skull and arms. I decided to place my skull in the middle of the arms so as to give the skull a border, and make it appear as if it was falling into the hands. I wanted to show depth by doing heavy shading around the eyes and mouth of the skull. Having the perspective that light was hitting the front of the piece, I utilized the shading to make the center pieces of the bones appear to have more light and use darker shading for the sides of the bones. I decided to keep the background white to give my piece a clean look. This project is beneficial towards this program because it allows us as students to gain knowledge of the human body which can translate to a more detailed character development. As an artist this project helped increase my understanding of shading, my control of line weight, and contrast.

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