As I developed this piece I decided to try and differentiate between my reflection, and what’s outside by highlighting the difference in the shadows I use for both. The less contrast means that it is a reflection and the more contrast would show what’s outside. I decided to draw the hand holding a plant with music melodies floating is because music is life for me and its been a relief for me as I do art. I chose to keep my line weights the same to help keep my piece uniformed instead of confusing. For the things outside I decided to have minimal details because of the darkness which made it difficult to see certain objects. I decided to draw the easel larger than I saw so as to portray my hand that was drawing, and not have it disappear within the shading.

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Journal update

In this photo I decided to experiment on my photoshop skills while working on an advertising campaign for Spotify, I decided to express their family plan by showing how music can make a peaceful family. While also promoting the family premium plan, I added in the font color Spotify to highlight both the message and the main color associated with Spotify. I believe that this is the first step towards me being able to make my own art pieces and bring them to advertising campaigns in a more efficient way.

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Character Poses (Canon project)

Deciding to base my character on more of a warrior type, I decided that adding in armor would be a great asset towards my character. While going through the process of making armor I decided that this armor would be best for my character because the more clothes on a warrior restricts them. Also taking into consideration historic warriors such as the spartans and how their soldiers are dressed. Taking the challenge of making my character less cartoonish became a challenge because realism requires much more lines and complexity. This project allowed me to pay close attention as an artist on measurements and making sure that my character was precise enough for a 360 view. It also showed me that being an artist requires precision and consistency which takes much practice. I believe that this project was a big success in my case by allowing me to reflect on the consistency of my art and the amount of time I need to spend on it.

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Canon Dimensions

  • grid canonHeight is 8 1/2 heads high with a width of 3 heads across.
  • The hair end at 1 head and 3/4
  • Elbow starts at 3 heads long
  • End of pelvis area is 4 heads long
  • Knees start at the end of 6 heads and the start of 7 heads
  • Feet begins at the end of 8 heads and is 1/2 in length
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Canon:Character Biography

Character name: Rezso

From the family line of Atlas

Atlantis has not been destroyed and went into sea but has risen above into the 6th dimension where the gods reside. 100 years later the supposed son of Kadri and Fidelity was born. Entering the world through adultery due to the god Atlas disguising himself as Kadri one night and thus planting a seed inside of her. A perfect case where her beauty became her curse. Fidelity realized once Kadri walked in on Atlas disguised as him have sexual intercourse with her that she was tricked. Atlas fled and wiped the memories of both the king and queen of the event that transpired. Nine months later Rezso was born on July 3 147 BC. Born with extreme intellegence, Rezso was considered the wisest at age 10, and was granted war commander by his father at age 14. By age 17, Rezso and his armies has taken over the kingdom’s greatest rival nation Zifor, at this exact moment Rezso has been considered the wisest and strongest in all the land that even the gods knew not challenge him and because of this  he was named the new king.Rezso ruled a peaceful kingdom for over 20 years Then hearing of Rezso’s kingdom Atlat Decides to challenge the kingdom himself. Since there was no one who can truly stand a fight against Atlas in the kingdom Rezso decides to go himself and fend off this vicious god. When fighting Rezso notices that Atlas has the same purple crystal around his neck, and at that moment they clashed for one last time he felt the memories of Atlas rush into him as Atlas blood rushed out onto him, Rezso saw the day he was conceived. With tears of sorrow Rezso then takes the sword of Poseidon right out the heart of Atlas and wept there 3 days straight. After this event transpired Rezso went back to his kingdom. Marrying to a woman named Naak, Rezso lived the rest of his life as a king preserving justice and peace.

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Clay Realistic Face


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Taquan’s Marionette


  1. How are structure and flow related in your marionette? Structure and flow is related to my marionette because I have made the whole structure with module design and, because I decided to base my marionette on a dragon it allowed me to get movement within my structure.
  2. Fantasy is a dominant characteristic of creative flow because it generates more than one idea. List the ideas your marionette generates. 1. A human marionette with a shadow 2. A dinosaur 3. A beetle
  3. Design has a basic structural vocabulary – size shape and linear sequencing are enhanced with color and technique to compose an illusion of form. Did you make any of these decisions? When I realized that the materials I had for a specific color was running low, I decided to flip to he back of my materials and use it to keep a balance of color that would form the illusion necessary to make it one form. 
  4. Flow can be the pleasure of the creative process, balance, awareness, appreciation and understanding. How do you describe your creative process? I would describe my creative process as well balanced in making sure the weight of each piece did not overweigh the other pieces that were sewed. The awareness of making sure that I chose a specific part to sew so that the movement of my piece would meet the requirements.
  5. Relationships are more about compliments between differences. What are the differences of your marionette? The differences of my marionette is that vast amount of pieces used instead of a few big pieces, I used small pieces to give the dragon more detail.
  6. Elements – visual adjectives – line, shape, color, size, texture, values, emptiness (white space), form.  Write an objective description of your marionette. The constant shape of a triangle gave my marionette the detailed look that I was expecting from my piece. I believe that the size of the piece was just right so that the body would not make the movement of my piece difficult. The space between the head and the body gives great movement and that emptiness becomes unnoticeable. 
  7. It is important that the various elements of your design have relationships, or ways in which they correspond, expand or simply support each other. Explore the possible patterns and shapes you have used with origami.  Which have the most potential and why?  Is one pattern clearly standing out, or are there others that might work? I believe that the my body had the most potential because I could have expanded more on it. The pattern that I used was clearly sticking out and I believe it was the only way to get the detail that I wanted in my dragon.
  8. How has the modular design strengthened your marionette? I think the module design helped give my marionette structure.
  9. Principles are the general underlying truths that are relevant in any culture and in any time.  These are the fundamental laws, rules, or basic ethics that support change and growth in the natural world.  In design, principles support the flow of elements and include balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, unity, and order.  Add the principles to your design’s description. My design is unified which is all based on one pattern. The pattern which does provide order in the way that each piece does not have its own design because the patterns used are the same.
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