La Jetee Write up

Taquan Wilson


   La Jetee


During this short film there was many things that within it that resided with me. I felt very depressed for the patient who they said didn’t go crazy or die but just suffered while the mad scientist did experiments on him. While watching the film you can see the agony and pain in the man’s face without any agony noises coming from him. I enjoyed the feeling of tension with the heartbeat rate beating fast and then returning to normal. Truthfully I enjoyed the whole film and the construction of the film from beginning to the end. This film functions from other movies because it uses pictures and not video shots to convey feeling with a narrator. Movies uses actors and video to convey a full action or meaning that they wish to present to the crowd. In the beginning of the film it starts with an introduction of the patients who have been experimented on by a mad scientist who was referred to as Frankenstein. Then a man volunteers to be tested on who then begins to have what he is confused with as dreams, thoughts and so on about a woman which became his place of comfort in his reality of suffering. He yearns for the meeting with the woman in his place of comfort. In the end I feel like the meaning of the became clear that death is inevitable. The reason I believe this is because the man had hallucinations of a woman which became his comfort world but in the end it could not stop the inevitable or the reality that he was not going to live.   

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