Taquan’s Self Portrait

For my self portrait I decided to make my self abstract while still describing who I am as a person. The reason for choosing the music note to be the vocal point for my abstraction is due to the fact that I consider music as something that has always been apart of me and helps me keep a positive outlook towards life. My facial expression that I decided to use for my self portrait tells of my toughness to overcome anything that gets thrown at me, as well as the fact that my environment makes me tough and shaped me that way. Hence the reflection in my eye which depicts a brick wall with grafitti that is a distorted word that says caution. I decided to go with grafitti because it is usually related to the city and thats the environment in which I grew up in. My use of color within the word caution I decided to use so as to contrast with the charcoal and bring the vocal point of the piece to my eyes. For my background I decided to use a color gradient that would compliment the music notes. The depth within my self portrait alone I believe I captured it greatly by showing differentiation between clothing and my actual skin. As well as showing depth from different shades around my face to bring my dimensionality towards my piece and not having it flat. Lastly my background I decided to keep it white due to the contrast of the colorful music notes with a white background as oppose to a darker background. I believe keeping it white strengthened my piece and gave it a clean satisfying look.

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