Final Chair(3d-Design)

I decided to design my chair in a tree like fashion due to the fact that I wanted to come up with a creative idea on making the base of the chair, and tree trunks were considered as a very strong foundation. I decided to use organic colors for my tree chair so as not to be a color deterrent towards the natural colors that I have. The inside of my tree trunk is a wired armature stuffed with newsprint paper and glued with bark to give the organic color for my piece. The variation of texture within my chair brings the varied materials that I used for my chair. I wanted the chair to bring those who interact with it closer to nature in both color and texture.

As an artist the difficulties that I was plagued with was making sure my chair was stable due to the heaviness of the bark that weighed down the back portion of my chair. Balance of my chair was my biggest concern. Considering that this was my first time using three types of materials to create something I had to go through a lot of changes so as to ensure that creativity, and the strong foundation would not compromise my chair. This project taught me that as an artist patience is key when working with new materials.

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