Skeleton Project

For this skeleton project I decided to aim for realism within my piece. In order to achieve the realism that I wanted, I would have to utilize shading within both the skull and arms. I decided to place my skull in the middle of the arms so as to give the skull a border, and make it appear as if it was falling into the hands. I wanted to show depth by doing heavy shading around the eyes and mouth of the skull. Having the perspective that light was hitting the front of the piece, I utilized the shading to make the center pieces of the bones appear to have more light and use darker shading for the sides of the bones. I decided to keep the background white to give my piece a clean look. This project is beneficial towards this program because it allows us as students to gain knowledge of the human body which can translate to a more detailed character development. As an artist this project helped increase my understanding of shading, my control of line weight, and contrast.

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