Canon:Character Biography

Character name: Rezso

From the family line of Atlas

Atlantis has not been destroyed and went into sea but has risen above into the 6th dimension where the gods reside. 100 years later the supposed son of Kadri and Fidelity was born. Entering the world through adultery due to the god Atlas disguising himself as Kadri one night and thus planting a seed inside of her. A perfect case where her beauty became her curse. Fidelity realized once Kadri walked in on Atlas disguised as him have sexual intercourse with her that she was tricked. Atlas fled and wiped the memories of both the king and queen of the event that transpired. Nine months later Rezso was born on July 3 147 BC. Born with extreme intellegence, Rezso was considered the wisest at age 10, and was granted war commander by his father at age 14. By age 17, Rezso and his armies has taken over the kingdom’s greatest rival nation Zifor, at this exact moment Rezso has been considered the wisest and strongest in all the land that even the gods knew not challenge him and because of this  he was named the new king.Rezso ruled a peaceful kingdom for over 20 years Then hearing of Rezso’s kingdom Atlat Decides to challenge the kingdom himself. Since there was no one who can truly stand a fight against Atlas in the kingdom Rezso decides to go himself and fend off this vicious god. When fighting Rezso notices that Atlas has the same purple crystal around his neck, and at that moment they clashed for one last time he felt the memories of Atlas rush into him as Atlas blood rushed out onto him, Rezso saw the day he was conceived. With tears of sorrow Rezso then takes the sword of Poseidon right out the heart of Atlas and wept there 3 days straight. After this event transpired Rezso went back to his kingdom. Marrying to a woman named Naak, Rezso lived the rest of his life as a king preserving justice and peace.

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