Taquan’s Marionette


  1. How are structure and flow related in your marionette? Structure and flow is related to my marionette because I have made the whole structure with module design and, because I decided to base my marionette on a dragon it allowed me to get movement within my structure.
  2. Fantasy is a dominant characteristic of creative flow because it generates more than one idea. List the ideas your marionette generates. 1. A human marionette with a shadow 2. A dinosaur 3. A beetle
  3. Design has a basic structural vocabulary – size shape and linear sequencing are enhanced with color and technique to compose an illusion of form. Did you make any of these decisions? When I realized that the materials I had for a specific color was running low, I decided to flip to he back of my materials and use it to keep a balance of color that would form the illusion necessary to make it one form. 
  4. Flow can be the pleasure of the creative process, balance, awareness, appreciation and understanding. How do you describe your creative process? I would describe my creative process as well balanced in making sure the weight of each piece did not overweigh the other pieces that were sewed. The awareness of making sure that I chose a specific part to sew so that the movement of my piece would meet the requirements.
  5. Relationships are more about compliments between differences. What are the differences of your marionette? The differences of my marionette is that vast amount of pieces used instead of a few big pieces, I used small pieces to give the dragon more detail.
  6. Elements – visual adjectives – line, shape, color, size, texture, values, emptiness (white space), form.  Write an objective description of your marionette. The constant shape of a triangle gave my marionette the detailed look that I was expecting from my piece. I believe that the size of the piece was just right so that the body would not make the movement of my piece difficult. The space between the head and the body gives great movement and that emptiness becomes unnoticeable. 
  7. It is important that the various elements of your design have relationships, or ways in which they correspond, expand or simply support each other. Explore the possible patterns and shapes you have used with origami.  Which have the most potential and why?  Is one pattern clearly standing out, or are there others that might work? I believe that the my body had the most potential because I could have expanded more on it. The pattern that I used was clearly sticking out and I believe it was the only way to get the detail that I wanted in my dragon.
  8. How has the modular design strengthened your marionette? I think the module design helped give my marionette structure.
  9. Principles are the general underlying truths that are relevant in any culture and in any time.  These are the fundamental laws, rules, or basic ethics that support change and growth in the natural world.  In design, principles support the flow of elements and include balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, unity, and order.  Add the principles to your design’s description. My design is unified which is all based on one pattern. The pattern which does provide order in the way that each piece does not have its own design because the patterns used are the same.
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