Gallery Essay

Taquan Wilson


When was the last time that you visited an art gallery and really analyzed the strategies the artist applies to their piece? When we see great art work it’s very likely for a person to give praises to the artist for their finished piece, but it’s not likely for an artist to get praises for the techniques used in their work. After observing the artwork by Mario Prisco at the Cohen Gallery I realized that the techniques used by him was very profound and provided his artwork with more realism.

When analyzing the artwork by Mario Prisco I observed that with his black and white drawings that his use of defined lines and undefined lines added atmospheric perspective towards the piece to show the depth in certain body positions. His use of the shading added feeling of relaxation and less tension where there was lighter shades, but incorporated tension within the darker shade. I observed his use of white charcoal which helped define the side of his drawing with less darker shades. Mr.Prisco also used smudges outside of the lines to give movement. I  believe that through analyzing his art pieces that his use of artistic skills really show and brings more definition within his art.

Another quality that I analyzed from observing Mr.Prisco’s work is the evolvement from piece to piece over the years. He started from a point where there were less shades and bold lines to depict movement to where in the end he not only added a feeling of movement but emotions to the piece. There was progress in the piece even though the faces were blotted out but you could still get a sense of facial expression with the shadings.

Mr.Prisco not only shows great art work but he shows art work that demonstrates his use of artistic skills. With use of line weight and atmospheric perspective we can see that it brought more definition toward his piece and this is something that we as aspiring artists can analyze and try to incorporate within our drawings. So analyzing plays a major part in art because with that we can improve our own work and bring more definition towards our piece.


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