Journal Update

story about how I turn my skill into a slave and worked it extra hard

July 1998 a slave was born not by the fertilization of a mothers womb but it was groomed as such and rather much it had an almighty touch whenever I would tell it to quit it never did so I undid and submit my life to a skill the will to kill anyone I instilled and then built, I felt the guilt of leaving him to work from sunrise to sunset till he was covered in filth almighty was what I was called but the might of my guilt as the praises belong to the one who spent his time dedicated to my build but listen this was my skill installed by my mother as the process of a zygote was ready to grow so he followed I always got the shine so that was my shadow i was the full gun but that was my ammo so I never get a shot if i was doing it solo… now listen he was hidden where it was written picture perfect but he made the picture worth it with shackles around his ankles I worked his butt best believe my dream was get the cash a couple slash across his back but surely no he never slacked. I’m a greedy being and success is all I’m seeing so I worked him till he was bleeding but he never give up no he never fed up with all the Griddy work I put him through ooh and he love it too. So I worked the one I love cause we both loved the thrill of hardwork. I worked him he worked hard a poets mind in the dark from daylight to pitch dark my writing skills we’ll never part

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